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Name:Warp Knitting Machine
Needle type:Latch needle
Reed space:E16, E18, E20, E22
Beating-up:6, 7
Weft stop:3-15 mm
Shedding:Oil-immersed cam
Raschel Blanket:Raschel Blanket knitting machine
Min.Order Quantity:1

Product Description


After cutting and finishing the fabric can be formed short plush which height is 1.5-7.5mm, or sandwich mesh spacer fabric which spacing 

is 3-15mm, its plush is fullness and soft. Wool yarn into a circle and not easily detached from the base fabric. The machine is widely used in car upholstery, sofa, Simmons, cotton blanket, curtains and other household decorative fabrics, clothing fabrics and shoe fabrics.



Oil-immersed cam mechanism, fixed knockover comb bar, compact fabric

                                     技术参数 Main technology Parameter
    主要项目 main program     参数 parameter
    机号 gauge     E18,   E24 ,E28,  E32(needles/inch)
    工作门幅 working width

    3300mm (133")  

130”(3302mm) 170”(4318mm) 186”(4572mm) 218”(5337mm)

    针型 needle type     复合针 compound needle
    梳栉数 number of bars     4 bars,33bars,41bars
    横移方式 shogging manner     链块 chain link
    送经方式 yarn let-off device     EBA electronic let-off
    牵拉卷取  fabric take-up

    EAC  电子卷

 EAC electronic fabric fabric take-up

    转速 speed

450横列/分 450rpm   

 梳栉横移机构 Pattern drive Device

 N-pattern drive, chain link or pattern disk

(Optional: Electronic Control)

送经机构 Yarn let-off device

Two-roller active yarn let-off

(Optional: Electronic yarn let-off)

织物卷取 Fabric take-up  Take-up driven by change gears

(Optional: Electronic take-up)

打卷装置 Batching device  Independent batching device
主电机Main motor power  3 kw(90")   4 kw (138")

Digital controlled draw-off & take-up device

Main motor frequency conversion, CVT

Touch screen operation

Suitable products: 3D Knitting Mattress, 3D Knitting Pillow, Car accessory

Technical Specification Of Double Needle Bar Raschel Blanket Warp Knitting Machine For Spacer Fabrics And Carpet

Needle-type: Latch needle

Machine gauge: E16

Products width allowance: 138 inchs

Number of guide bars: 6

Method of warp let-off: E-positive, customized beaming parameters (EBC)

Beam size: 21”

Flange Diameter: 530

Shaft Diameter: 210

Aperture: 153

Beam Width: 530 mm

Density tuning method: Digital controlled, PC touch screen operation (EBA)

Braiding method: EL

Main shaft speed: 0-300 RPM (frequency control)

Main motor: 3 KW

Yarn feeding motor: 1 KW6 pieces

Shogging motor: 0.75 KW6 pieces

Outline dimension: 4800mm (Length) x 5500 mm (wide) x 3300mm (height)

Total weight: Approximately 5000 Kg

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