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Name:Air Jet Loom
Rate:up to 1235m/min, depending on fabric types
Reed space:150, 170, 190, 230, 280, 340cm
Weft:Short fiber-7 to 60 tex
Beating-up:bilateral four connecting rod, the six connecting rod beating up
Weft stop:double weft detection
Shedding:crank, cam, electronic dobby, jacquard
Take up:electronical
Let -off:electronic let-of
weft supply:single color, two color, four- color mixed free weft

Product Description

 High Speed Air jet loom

Product description


function and characteristics


♥ This series of looms due to its high rigid frame structure, suitable for weaving high density, high fine fabric.


♥  A let-off, take-up and each detection unit are used in electronic control thus reduce the stop block,


    the mechanical stop and warp or weft weaving defects such as short rates to improve the quality of production.


♥  Frame and beam rigidity is enhanced, the machine has good stability, beating -up mechanism further optimization.


♥ Structure more reasonable, can use four or six Linkage Beaing-up connecting rod.


    The six connecting rod beating-up can prolong thetime for opening of warp and weft, more suitable for


     wide loom weaving fabri, broaden the scope of weaving loom.


♥ The opening mechanism of this tyoe of crank optional: opening,cam,electronic dobby, jacquard,


    With electronic let-off and take-up, variable density of weft knitting; waro stop, double weft


    electronic length measuring, electronic weft storage, selvage yarn breaking detection,


    edge detection by catching weft yarn, electronic control make the operation more humane.


♥ Its structure is reasonable: the further optimization of beam structure change the warp tension sensing more sensitive.


♥ After the tension roller bracket is installed in the outside of the frame, which is convenient for installation and repair.

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