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Name:For Cotton
Flexible card clothing:
Card clothing:
For Cotton:

Product Description


metallic card clothing

  1. Made of long life alloy steel  
  2. Hi tech punching technology, homogeneous tooth geometry with points and edges free of burrs and formed.
  3. High sharpness throughout the life span and carding performance
  4. Advanced hardening process to increase wear resistance 
  5. Less blade thickness and lower tooth depth for better penetration
  6. Precision in manufacturing and perfect tooth geometries guarantee for reduction in naps and dirt particles.
  7. Improved wear resistance

  1. Sharp tips with high hardness

Metallic Card Clothing

* Made of high carbon steel

* A special surface quality prevents the accumulation of foreign particles in the wires

* For normal working of all fibers, we have a universal wire in this range.

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